The Original Formula

✅ 20 Year Proven Track Record
✅ NO other collagen product can compare
✅ Millions of Bottles Sold
✅ Anti-Aging Super Foods Formula
✅ Combination Ingredient Blend
✅ Collagen Peptides + 14 Other Ingredients
✅ Proprietary Liquid Absorption Technology
✅ Backed By Science and Research
✅ Hundreds of Nutrients in Every Bottle
✅ NO Need To Take Dozens of Different Pills Every Day
✅ Great Value, Save Hundreds of Dollars
✅ Safe All Natural Ingredients

Get Your Blood Sugar, Metabolism, And Hormones Balanced And Have A Better Quality Of Life!

When You Purchase Our Unique Collagen Plus Formula For A $20 Discount , You Will Also Receive $20 Off On Our Other Revolutionary Formula Metabolism Plus For Balancing Blood Sugar And Metabolism!

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Unlike most other single ingredient collagen products, our unique grass fed peptides formula also contains 14 other clinically supported ingredients with hundreds of nutrients in Every bottle!

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Vera Collagen Plus




What makes our collagen formula so unique, different, and better?
VERA Collagen Plus
is a unique liquid concentrate formula that contains important clinically supported ingredients including grass fed collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, L-Carnitine, MSM, and many other beneficial nutrients.  This synergistic formula also includes precursors and co-factors that help the body create, absorb, and utilize collagen.  All of this concentrated nutrition in 1 convenient bottle.  Proven product with results you can feel.

Vera Metabolism Plus

Why are millions of people suffering with blood sugar issues.
VERA Metabolism Plus
is a unique liquid formula backed by 3rd party clinical research with numerous super foods and herbal extracts.  This synergistic formula is designed to support healthy glucose levels and hormones naturally for millions of people who are vulnerable to major health problems due to irregular blood sugar levels.  All of this concentrated nutrition in 1 convenient bottle.  Proven product with results you can feel.

Vera Product Benefits


Unique Custom Proven Formulas


Supports blood glucose metabolism


Promotes an increase in energy


Helps the body metabolize carb’s, fats and proteins


May improve mental alertness & focus


Provides immune function support


Supports proper blood lipids


Good source of natural antioxidants

Vera Formulas Contain Unique Powerful All Natural Ingredients With Numerous Health Benefits.

It's not what you consume...but what you absorb that matters

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