4 Surprising Facts About Collagen

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Most people have heard about collagen due to the plethora of products that have recently hit the market that are aimed to enhance collagen and its production. However, there are a lot of facts about collagen that people just don't know.

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Collagen is the Most Abundant Protein in the Body

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. Not only is it a key ingredient in your bones, tendons, and ligaments, but it is also found in your skin, blood vessels, intestines, muscles, connective tissues, and more. Collagen is what holds your body together and what allows your body to stretch.

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Collagen Makes Up About 75% of Skin's Dry Weight

Since collagen is such a key protein in your body, it makes sense that it comprises up to about 75% of the skin's dry mass content. Collagen helps form the skin's structure, giving it elasticity in order to stretch and move.  By eating healthy, supportive foods, such as broccoli, carrots, mangoes, dark chocolate, and citrus fruits, you'll help support collage synthesis and help maintain your skin's structure.

There is More Than One Type of Collagen

There are many different types of collagen found in your body. In fact, there are 16 different kinds, all of which function differently and have a different structure than others. However, most collagen in your body is what is known as Type I, which is the strongest type found in your bones, skin, and connective tissue.

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Collagen Can Promote Healing

Collagen is a key component in wound healing. When you have a cut, your body immediately begins to get to work to repair the blood vessels, tissues, and skin that have been broken. Your body's red blood cells help to make collagen, which form the foundation for new tissue.

As you can see, collagen is an extremely important component of your body. Doing everything you can to support collagen production is nothing short of prudent. Vera Life offers our science-based and research-backed Collagen Plus supplement that features clinically-supported ingredients to help you absorb more collagen and utilize more of the necessary collagen amino acids. Plus, our collagen supplement contains 14 more ingredients crucial to a modern diet. Order online from Vera Life today!

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